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TiffNews10 : Barnes & Noble introduces new Nook

Barnes & Noble introduces new Nook

The book retailer has introduced a new color version of the e-reader.

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Barnes & Noble introduces new Nook

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New York – Barnes & Noble Inc. recently unveiled its new e-reader. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the book retailer introduced a color version of its Nook e-reader, which can be used to read books, newspapers, and other materials, priced at $249.

Simba Information analyst Michael Norris is quoted by the AP as stating of the introduction of the new device, anticipated as becoming a popular gift for the holidays, “I think Barnes & Noble did a pretty good job presenting this device as its own e-reader instead of just a cheaper version of the iPad… It is focused on the reading experience.”

As noted in the report, shipping for the new Nook orders, which customers can begin placing this week, will begin in mid-November.

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