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TiffNews10 : Bryant takes Jordan comments in stride

Bryant takes Jordan comments in stride

The Lakers player recently responded to Jordan’s comments about his game.

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Bryant takes Jordan comments in stride

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Los Angeles – Kobe Bryant recently took Michael Jordan’s comments about how he measures up in the league in stride. As reported by Yahoo! Sports, the Lakers player responded positively, calling Jordan’s remarks “accurate.”

Jordan is quoted as previously stating of Bryant to USA Today, “He is always going to be within the conversations of some of the greatest players who’ve played, by the time he is finished… Where does he rank among those, if you are talking about positions? If you are talking about guards, I would say he has got to be in the top 10.”

Bryant is quoted by Yahoo! Sports as stating in response to the comments, “It’s an accurate statement… I’m definitely one of the top 10 guards. It could mean two, it could mean one, it could mean four or five. I’m definitely one of the top thousand. Look, I know how he feels about me… There have been a lot of great guards to play the game. For me to sit here and say, ‘He should have said top five,’ that’s disrespectful to the other guards that I’ve watched.”

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