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TiffNews10 : Company to debut more colorful celery

Company to debut more colorful celery

A Florida company is set to introduce red celery in select supermarkets.

Company to debut more colorful celery

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Minneapolis – A Florida company has reportedly found a way to add a little more color to celery. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the produce company recently unveiled its red celery at a trade show and is set to introduce the product in stores in December.

Dan Duda, president of Duda Farm Fresh Foods, is quoted by the AP as stating of the unique vegetable, which purportedly tastes the same as green celery “It's bright, it's red, it's different, it's unique.”

Jean Ronnei, overseer of the award winning school meal programs of the St. Paul public schools, is further quoted as stating of the possibility of bringing red celery to her school cafeterias, “We do eat with our eyes… If there are efforts under way to jazz up veggies, I'm all for that.”

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