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TiffNews10 : Dallas sets new rules for strays

Dallas sets new rules for strays

New laws have been put in place in Dallas for handling stray dogs.

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Dallas sets new rules for strays

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Dallas, Texas ( – New rules for stray dogs in Dallas have been put into place. As reported by KERA News, Dallas City Council members voted to approve an ordinance that may warrant those who take possession of a stray dog, but do not attempt to find the owner within 72 hours, to face up to 500 dollars in fines.

Dog owner Brad Kirby, whose dogs were stolen from outside of his home, is quoted in the report as stating of the law, β€œIt's a good law. It's a righteous law. It doesn't cost the city any money. It doesn't cost the dog owner any money. It doesn't cost the person who finds the stray dog any money.”

Only one City Council member, Vonciel Jones Hill, voted against the ordinance, suggesting it may cause an undue burden for those who may show compassion for strays. – The latest in Dallas News

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