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TiffNews10 : New York Divorce Mediation Helps Couples

New York Divorce Mediation Helps Couples

Manhattan mediation center discusses the ways in which divorce mediation can help couples regain financial control in the face of adversity.

New York Divorce Mediation Helps Couples

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May 24, 2010 – The nation’s economic downturn has impacted millions of people in the country in numerous ways. Despite apparent progress in the state of the U.S. economy, many couples have yet to recover from the financial difficulty the recession has placed them in and remain stagnated by their finances, with some even feeling forced to remain in troubled marriages due to an inability to pay for divorce or make preparations for separation. Manhattan based conflict resolution center, YS Mediation has outlined three ways in which couples can utilize mediation services to maintain control of their future and move forward from these types of troubling circumstances.

When in Doubt

Mediation is an effective solution for those faced with challenges associated with monetary hardships. Frustrations linked to divorce or separation can be elevated when one is faced with additional pressures from circumstances beyond their control. With divorce mediation, couples have the ability to assess and handle challenges more on their own terms. The following are ways in which this process can help couples seeking a divorce or separation move forward in a productive way.

Mutual agreements are more likely to work long-term – When couples make plans through mediation as opposed to settlements being imposed on them by judges or attorneys, they are more apt to abide by what has been outlined, because solutions made though mutual agreement feel like the right ones to all parties involved.
Resentment issues are left behind – With mediation couples can also regain control of their emotions, by working through their disagreements and emotional conflicts through guided, productive discussion.
Less financial burden is imposed – Mediation is typically less expensive than shelling out money for multiple attorneys and going through drawn out court battles. It provides divorcing or separating couples an opportunity to keep their financial focus on their life plans as opposed to fighting one another in court.

About YS Mediation - New York Divorce Mediation

YS Mediation is a Manhattan based conflict resolution center that helps divorcing couples as well as business partners, landlords and tenants, and others with conflicts to resolve, successfully come to mutual agreements on how to move forward. The center welcomes those in need of mediation services in New York to contact them today by visiting, or calling 1-888-616-0445 for a free evaluation of their case.

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