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TiffNews10 : Facebook display ad market share rises

Facebook display ad market share rises

The social network’s popularity among advertisers is increasing.

Facebook display ad market share rises

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San Francisco – Facebook has gained a significant portion of the display ad market share. As reported by Reuters, a recent report by comScore, a web analytics firm, shows that approximately one of four graphical display ads viewed on the web in the U.S. was on the popular social network.

As noted in the report, the comScore report shows Facebook’s share of display ad impressions in the third quarter increased to 23.1 percent from 17.7 percent in the second.

Ken Sena, an Evercore Partners analyst, is quoted in the report as stating of the growth in social network based advertising, “While you still have the sort of traditional display players benefiting from strong growth trends in display (advertising), social is probably taking a disproportionate share of that growth.”

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