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TiffNews10 : Frito-Lay attempts to calm noisy bag complaints

Frito-Lay attempts to calm noisy bag complaints

The snack food manufacturer is reportedly changing its packaging for SunChips.

Frito-Lay attempts to calm noisy bag complaints

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New York – Frito-Lay is responding to complaints about the noisy packaging on one of the company’s popular snack items. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the snack food manufacturer is changing the biodegradable packaging for most of the flavors of its SunChips, after receiving complaints from customers about it being loud.

As noted in the report, the stiffer packaging has prompted some consumers to start Facebook groups such as “I wanted SunChips but my roommate was sleeping” and "Nothing is louder than a SunChips bag” in expressing their complaints.

Spokeswoman Aurora Gonzalez is quoted by the AP as stating of the change, and also receiving comments from customers voicing their appreciation for the recyclable bags, “We need to listen to our consumers… We clearly heard their feedback.”

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