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TiffNews10 : Jesse James discusses abuse as child

Jesse James discusses abuse as child

Jesse James opened up about abuse he suffered as a child in a recent television interview.

"Monster Garage" star Jesse James
Jesse James discusses abuse as child

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( – Jesse James unexpectedly opened up about childhood abuse at the hands of his father in a recent interview with “Nightline.” As reported by omg! From Yahoo, the television personality discussed the abuse in addition to events leading up to his recent split with Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock.

An emotional James is quoted in the report as stating in the interview of breaking his arm at the age of 6, the current age of his daughter Sunny, as he and his father fought, “I remember my dad laughed at me when I hit the ground and called me a dummy… It's really tough for me to think about now because...Sunny's the age that I was when my dad broke my arm.”

Jesse further discussed the impact the event and others had on his self-esteem stating, “I basically never felt good enough for anyone.”

The “Nightline” interview aired Tuesday night on ABC. – The latest in Entertainment News

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