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TiffNews10 : Kelsey Grammer, girlfriend suffer loss

Kelsey Grammer, girlfriend suffer loss

The actor and his girlfriend recently announced the loss of their unborn child.

Kelsey Grammer, girlfriend suffer loss

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Los Angeles – Actor Kelsey Grammer and his girlfriend Kayte recently announced she suffered a miscarriage. As reported by Access Hollywood, the couple stated they have needed time to heal from the loss, which occurred weeks ago, before sharing the news publicly.

The couple is quoted by Access Hollywood as saying in a statement, “We lost our unborn child about six weeks ago… We would like to thank all of those who expressed kindness and concern but we needed a little time to heal, time to find some solace before we publicly acknowledged our loss.”

As noted in the report, Grammer’s estranged wife Camille, filed for divorce in July, weeks prior to his being seen with Kayte. The pregnancy was the first for the couple, and would have been the fifth child for Grammer.

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