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TiffNews10 : Microsoft infuses Facebook data in Bing search

Microsoft infuses Facebook data in Bing search

The company is now utilizing data posted on the popular social networking sites for search results.

Microsoft infuses Facebook data in Bing search

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Mountain View, CA – Microsoft Corp is taking its Bing search engine in a new direction with the incorporation of Facebook data into search results. As reported by AFP, the company recently introduced a feature that allows users of the social network to add friend recommendations to be incorporated into Bing search results.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is quoted in the report as stating of the collaboration, “This is just the beginning; there is going to be a whole lot more to come over time.”

Zuckerberg is further quoted by AFP as stating, “I couldn't think of anyone better to work with on the next generation of search… The people at Microsoft really are the underdog, and they are incentivized to go out and innovate.”

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