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TiffNews10 : Money available for energy efficiency for homes

Money available for energy efficiency for homes

Stimulus money has been made available for energy efficient homes in Texas.
Money available for energy efficiency for homes

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Dallas, Texas ( – Federal stimulus money has reportedly been made available for greener homes in Texas. As reported by KERA News, the state has over $325 million to make homes more energy efficient and weatherproof.

As noted in the report, State Representative Carol Kent is spreading the word about the available funds, recently holding a forum regarding application information and other items related to the stimulus program. Kent is quoted by KERA News as stating of the qualifications, “You can be 200% of poverty. That's a qualifier that some people will meet and other people won't. You have to apply for the funds, you have to have somebody come out and assess your home and then see what can be done to your home to tighten it up and make it more energy efficient.”

More information about applying for the program may be available at – The latest in Dallas and Green News

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