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TiffNews10 : MySpace to debut new dance web series

MySpace to debut new dance web series

The social networking site is reportedly developing a new web-based dance series.

Jerkin dance MySpace
MySpace to debut new dance web series

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U.S. – A new web dance series is reportedly in the works for MySpace. As reported by Reuters, a web series called “Jerk All-Stars” is in development for the social networking site and is expected to makes its debut in November.

As noted in the report, the focus of the project will be on the Los Angeles originating urban dance movement called the Jerk or Jerkin,’ which has purportedly become a nationwide phenomenon, garnering widespread attention online.

MySpace chief revenue officer Nada Stirratt is quoted in the report as stating of inspiration for the idea to create the series, “Discovering and being discovered is core to our DNA, as is self-expression… We noticed our audience got involved around this. That's why this is a great project for us.”

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