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TiffNews10 : New addiction treatments may have longer effects

New addiction treatments may have longer effects

New treatment options have been introduced that may have longer effects.

New addiction treatments may have longer effects

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Washington – New treatment options for drug addictions may have longer effects for addicts in recovery. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), experts state that longer lasting treatments such as a once a month shot, or implant that would last six months, may help patients better stay on track in the recovery process.

Dr. Katherine Beebe of Titan Pharmaceuticals, which is developing the Probuphine implant, is quoted by the AP as stating of the need for longer-lasting treatments, “Opioid addicts are notoriously bad at complying with their medication. They like to take drug holidays. They like to party on the weekend.”

Dr. Patrick O'Connor of Yale University School of Medicine is further quoted as stating, “To have these medications work effectively, you need to stay on them for long periods of time… We are really struggling to get the public and physicians to think of this more like a standard chronic disease — like diabetes, like cancer, like chronic lung disease — and not apply a special stigma to it.”

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