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TiffNews10 : New chair knows if you’re comfy

New chair knows if you’re comfy

A new chair may be able to help back pain sufferers find some relief.

New chair knows if you’re comfy

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Berlin – A new kind of chair may be able to determine when an occupant is comfortable or not. As reported by Reuters, the chair, developed by a German scientist, users sensors to detect when one may need to change their position or has been in the seat for too long.

Risto Koiva, who along with his colleagues at the Bielefeld University in northwestern Germany, is the inventor of the “Intelli Chair,” is quoted by Reuters as stating of the innovation, “Four touch-sensitive sensors in the seat of the chair and another four in the back of the chair detect how the user is sitting… The data they collect is sent to a computer via a bluetooth module.”

Physicist and computer scientist Thomas Hermann is further quoted as stating of potential uses for the Intelli Chair, “It could be used in school classrooms, or in big offices to optimize workflows by determining when employees need to take a break.”

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