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TiffNews10 : Online program may aid asthma control

Online program may aid asthma control

A new study suggests a web-based program may aid in more effective asthma control.

Online program may aid asthma control

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U.S. ( – A recent study suggests individuals with asthma may be helped in controlling the condition by using a web-based program. As reported by HealthDay News, researchers found that patients using an online program that assists with monitoring and dosing were able to control their severe asthma long-term with a required lower dose of an oral corticosteroid.

Dr. Simone Hashimoto, a research fellow from the department of respiratory medicine of the University of Amsterdam, is quoted in the report as stating in a news release, “We know that in patients with prednisone-dependent asthma it is important to adjust the daily dose of oral corticosteroids to the lowest possible level in order to reduce long-term side effects…Our study shows that a novel Internet-supported strategy including daily measurements of an objective marker of airway inflammation, FENO [exhaled nitric oxide levels], and supervision by an asthma nurse allows frequent adjustments of prednisone dose.”

The research was reportedly presented at the recent American Thoracic Society conference in New Orleans. – The latest in Health and Technology News

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