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TiffNews10 : Palin kin to Obama?

Palin kin to Obama?

Genealogists are now saying the two political rivals are related.

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin
Palin kin to Obama?

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New York – Could Sarah Palin and Barack Obama have family ties? As reported by the Associated Press (AP), genealogists at are now saying it just may be so. Anastasia Tyler with the Utah based company recently stated that the two are distant cousins connected through an ancestor named John Smith.

Tyler is quoted by the AP as stating of Smith, a 17th century settler in Massachusetts, who was also a pastor, “Smith was against the persecution of the Quakers… He was a very socially conscious man.”

As noted in the report, aside from being the purported 10th cousin of the former Alaska governor, the President is also stated to be related to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, connected through a Virginian landowner from the 17th century, Richmond Terrell.

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