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TiffNews10 : Plans reported for Facebook email service

Plans reported for Facebook email service

Recent reports suggest the social network is poised to launch an email service.

Plans reported for Facebook email service

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Washington – Recent reports suggest popular social network Facebook is planning to launch an email service. As reported by AFP, leading Silicon Valley technology blog TechCrunch reported the plans are expected to be announced by Facebook on Monday at an event in San Francisco.

TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid is quoted in the report as stating of the secret project, “And while it may only be in early stages come its launch Monday, there's a huge amount of potential here.”

Kincaid is further quoted as stating, “Facebook has the world's most popular photos product, the most popular events product, and soon will have a very popular local deals product as well.”

Gizmodo blogger Jesus Diaz is quoted by AFP as stating of the project’s potential, “Facebook Mail could be a killer not only because of its potential instant size, but because of its natural advantage at making mail more useful… Actually, it may become the only 100 percent useful mail service out there, only showing you the email you are actually interested in.”

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