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TiffNews10 : Rescue completed for miners in Chile

Rescue completed for miners in Chile

All of the 33 miners have reportedly been rescued.

Rescued Chile miner Chile
Rescue completed for miners in Chile

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SAN JOSE MINE, Chile – All of the 33 individuals trapped in a mine in Chile have been rescued. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), two who remained by nightfall on Wednesday, were pulled to the surface before midnight, completing the rescue operation.

As noted in the report, the 33 miners had been trapped underground for 69 days, and were even feared dead for a period prior to the successful rescue operation.

Priscila Avalos, whose brothers were included in the group of trapped miners, is quoted by the AP as stating of the rescue, “We have prayed to San Lorenzo, the patron saint of miners, and to many other saints so that my brothers Florencio and Renan would come out of the mine all right. It is as if they had been born again.”

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