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TiffNews10 : Social Media Helps Small Town Aspiring Singer and Actress Chase Big City Dreams

Social Media Helps Small Town Aspiring Singer and Actress Chase Big City Dreams

Paris, Texas resident Aqua Lee discusses how connections online have aided in her pursuit of Hollywood stardom.

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Social Media Helps Small Town Aspiring Singer and Actress Chase Big City Dreams

// Paris, Texas, U.S. // TiffNews10
May 24, 2010 – For many in small town USA, dreams of seeing their talents showcased on the big screen easily become stagnated by the reality of their surroundings, which can make the Hollywood spotlight appear too far out of reach. For multitalented Paris, Texas resident, Aqua Lee, access to social media has helped to keep her dreams of stardom in focus, and has even opened unexpected doors.

Lee is an aspiring actress and singer, who has found outlets for turning the limitations of her small town surroundings around via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Her use of online connections have even helped land her background work on the set of popular television shows and films such as “Prison Break” and “The Great Debaters.” More recently, she appears in the latest video for R&B artist J. Long, featuring popular group Pretty Ricky. Lee spoke recently with about her ambitions and where she hopes her efforts will soon lead.

On getting started Lee states, “I first started pursing music and attempted to be a backup dancer. I’ve always had an interest in acting, but I didn’t know how to pursue it. Music was the most convenient for me because I had many people tell me ‘Oh you can sing, let me take you under my wing.’ It was more accessible at the time.”

Lee notes that becoming jaded from exhausting bus trips across the country for opportunities that failed to work out nearly made her give up; however, networking online helped her gain a new perspective on how she could gain more focus in chasing her dream, without spending money she didn’t have. Lee states of her past experiences, “I let living in Paris, and feeling like I had to overexert myself to put myself out there, put added pressures on me that I didn’t really have to deal with.”

Lee hopes that her continued online networking efforts will soon lead to her big break and eventual work with her major influences such as Tyler Perry and John Singleton. She has also had long-time musical ambitions to work with Grammy Award winning producer and rapper Timbaland.

Lee states of her motivation now after years of paying her dues, “There were issues that impacted me growing up, particularly my family constantly moving around from place to place which gave me a sense of unsteadiness and not knowing how to find myself. I’m glad doors are starting to open now instead of then because I wasn’t committed to anything or anyone. My character has developed better now, and I feel I’m ready.”

Lee further states of wanting to be an inspiration to young people in her small town and everywhere, “We make our future by our thoughts, our words, our actions. I’m believing in bigger things for me, and I want more people in my community to learn to believe in bigger things for them.”

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