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TiffNews10 : Study says alcohol more harmful than illegal drugs

Study says alcohol more harmful than illegal drugs

A new study suggests alcohol may have more harmful effects than drugs like heroin or cocaine.

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Study says alcohol more harmful than illegal drugs

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London – A new study suggests alcohol is more harmful than heroin or cocaine. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), researchers ranked alcohol as being more lethal than some illegal drugs in terms of widespread social effects.

One of the authors of the study, Leslie King, an adviser to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs, is quoted by the AP as stating that despite the findings, “We cannot return to the days of prohibition… Alcohol is too embedded in our culture and it won't go away.”

Wim van den Brink, a professor of psychiatry and addiction at the University of Amsterdam, who is not connected to the study, is further quoted as stating, “What governments decide is illegal is not always based on science… Drugs that are legal cause at least as much damage, if not more, than drugs that are illicit.”

More information about the study, which was funded by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies in Britain, may be available in the online publication of the Lancet medical journal.

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