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TiffNews10 : The Business of Lawyer Marketing

The Business of Lawyer Marketing

Lawyer marketing firm One SEO Company discusses the connection between marketing one’s law practice or attorney services and sales.

The Business of Lawyer Marketing lawyer marketing
The Business of Lawyer Marketing

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May 27, 2010 – Many attorneys fail to realize their full marketing potential due to the generalized view that they are not salespeople. The truth of the matter is, in the world of online legal marketing, indeed they are. Dallas based lawyer marketing firm, One SEO Company, outlines three ways in which lawyers and law firms act as salespersons to prospective clients online, and the value this adds to effective lawyer marketing.

Increasing Profitability

Efforts to increase the profitability of a legal practice does not take away the credibility of attorneys whose number one priority is getting justice for their clients. Diligent marketing is the way to let those in need of one’s services know the availability of a law firm or attorney who specializes in their area of need. Therefore attorneys should be fearless when it comes to embracing their inner salesman. The following are three ways in which this can be done through lawyer marketing online, which aids in increasing the profitability of a firm.

Law Firm Website Development – Website development is an essential part of lawyer marketing because one’s website is their 24 hour long presentation to the world. Website development is more than just producing an aesthetically pleasing creation, it entails developing the design and content of a site in a way that speaks volumes about a firm’s qualifications, skills, and history; making prospective clients want to make the next move and contact them immediately.

Press Release and News Distribution – Prospective clients want to hear about the success of a firm they are interested in. This is a case where singing one’s own praises helps individuals make important decisions about choosing a firm. Press release and news distribution is invaluable for letting clients know what one has to offer, and their potential for success with cases.

• Blogging – Blogging is an excellent means to effectively maintain contact with clients and prospective ones. Attorneys who blog on a regular basis help sell their knowledge and credibility to those searching for it.

About One SEO Company

One SEO Company provides a host of effective marketing solutions to legal professionals that can help them elevate the success of their practice in ways unimaginable. With unique offerings such as a customized Vision Smart Newsroom, attorneys and firms can more actively engage in ongoing marketing activities without taking valuable time away from their practice, all while better connecting with clients. One SEO Company invites attorneys and firms to contact them today for a free consultation about how their customized solutions can work for their needs.

For more information about One SEO Company, or the services the firm provides, please visit or call 1-888-623-6996.


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