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TiffNews10 : Towers lets visitors tweet from Mount Everest

Towers lets visitors tweet from Mount Everest

With newly installed 3G towers visitors to Mount Everest can have cell phone access.

Mount Everest Mount Everest
Towers lets visitors tweet from Mount Everest

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KATMANDU, Nepal – Now you can talk or browse online from the world’s highest mountain. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), newly installed 3G towers enable visitors to Mount Everest to tweet, make Facebook posts, and carry on with other online activities using cell phones on a high speed service.

Renowned climber Ed Viesturs is quoted by the AP as stating of the new service, which he notes is not for him “You know, I think it's kind of good and kind of bad, but to me it's kind of inevitable... I'm kind of old school, but you can imagine the newer generation saying, 'No, bring it on. The more the better.”

Leif Whittaker, another climber, is further quoted as stating of having phone access during a climb, “Just being able to communicate with your family and friends would make it a lot easier to spend two months in a tent away from home.”

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