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TiffNews10 : Toyota implements new recall

Toyota implements new recall

The company’s image woes continue after latest recall.

Toyota Toyota
Toyota implements new recall

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U.S. – Toyota has issued a new recall, several months after purported acceleration problems on some vehicles led to a mass recall on some of the company’s most popular vehicles. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the automaker recalled 1.5 million vehicles this week due to issues with brake-fluid and fuel pumps.

As noted in the report, the company stated that the new safety concerns had not been linked to accidents or injuries.

Jean-Pierre Dube, a marketing professor at the University of Chicago, is quoted by the AP as stating of the impact the latest recall may have on the automaker’s image, “This is starting to look more like a chronic problem for them… It's hard to imagine this can't have some effect on how consumers are going to perceive the Toyota brand and to what extent it represents reliability.”

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