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TiffNews10 : Woman accused in Oprah school abuse scandal acquitted

Woman accused in Oprah school abuse scandal acquitted

The woman accused of abusing students at a school for girls founded by Oprah Winfrey has been acquitted of charges.

Woman accused in Oprah school abuse scandal acquitted

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Johannesburg – A former school matron of Oprah Winfrey’s school for girls in South Africa, who was accused in an abuse scandal, has been acquitted of charges brought against her. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Tiny Virginia Makopo, who was accused of trying to inappropriately touch girls at the school and assault, was acquitted on Monday.

Mthunzi Mhaga, a spokesman for South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority, is quoted in the report as stating on Monday, “The magistrate indicated that the state did not prove itself case beyond reasonable doubt on all the charges. We won't be appealing the judgment.”

Winfrey, who expressed that she was disappointed by the verdict, is quoted by the AP as releasing the statement, “I will forever be proud of the nine girls who testified with the courage and conviction to be heard.”

The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls was opened in 2007.

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